Figure of Style

I love looking through photography books – especially books on the history of photography.  It’s a great source of inspiration.  On a recent assignment we were shooting at a pool and just had to take a photo in honor of George Hoyningen-Huene.  His 1930 photograph of couple by a pool, titled “Divers”, has had a lot of influence on me.

My version of "Divers"

At the Pool

Had a recent photo shoot incorporating a pool, some good food and wine and “relaxation”.  At least some relaxation for those involved.  I’m kind of an antsy person so was completely comfortable moving around most of the time.   The project was to show how we incorporate a backyard pool into our everyday lives.   I had a lot of fun looking for design elements and interesting angles.
Here are some out-takes (more to come in a few days):

Is Photojournalism Dead?

They say “photojournalism is dead”.  I disagree.  To prove this, here are some great photography sites developed by news organizations.  It’s a fantastic source for photography from around the world.
The quality of photography and the scope of coverage are always amazing.
Here are a few of my favorites.

New York Times News Blog
Los Angeles Times
The Boston Globe
The Wall Street Journal