A Video Challenge

Selina Maitreya has recently started a video challenge.  It is a free 6 month challenge designed to provide commercial photographers with six simple tasks that will cumulatively help them to improve their business.  What more could you ask for – free and it will help you market your business, which means more business.

The series of videos are produced by RETV (a partner of Resource Magazine) and challenge photographers each month with a task, and if completed will help you move forward in developing a business that will succeed on your terms.  Each 5 minute tutorial ends with an assignment that will significantly move your business forward.  All this is there to help you get ready to build a business that will THRIVE!

Here is July’s video with the first assignment:

Also from Selina is a nine hour, 12-chapter program titled “The View From Here” (www.selinamaitreya.com).  This is a fantastic self study course in a series of MP3 recordings that is an edited and refined result of Selina’s 30 years of experience helping photographers.  Best of all, you can listen to them on your ipod, in your car or at home.

Here are some quotes about the program:
“After listening to The View From Here I’m rethinking my entire portfolio and approach to the transition I want to make with my business.  You have been incredibly generous in giving such an in depth and heartfelt series of personal talks.  In short I LOVE your audio series!!!! — Barbara-NYC

“Your mp3 series has gone above and beyond any other source I’ve spent time reading. Just the first two sections have helped me focus on what I have to do to start my own business in an easy to understand way.The value is excellent considering all the knowledge you’ve put into the series!” — Jeremy Graves-Massachusetts

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