Fitness Book

It sometimes amazes me how long it takes before a project is completely finished.  Case in point:  Just over a year ago I shot a series of images (about 150) for a fitness book called “Super Body, Super Brain“; an exercise program that combines balance, coordination, and strength training.  It was a two day shoot here in NYC.  Very long, and fun, days taking photographs of the author, Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, in different poses and his portrait for the cover.  For those of you who have shot books like this, you know that it can be quite tedious.  I have to say though, this was quite the opposite.  I had a fantastic crew and client, shot in a beautiful studio (Bathhouse Studio), ate delicious food, listened to great music and laughed a lot.  The book just came out last week and is in bookstores nation wide.  It was well worth the wait!

Congratulations to Michael and HarperCollins on their new book.

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace - "Super Body, Super Brain"
Elana Lyakir - Stylist / Nancy Hancock - HarperCollins / Lorie Reilly - Assistant



One thought on “Fitness Book

  1. Wonderful work, Keith! The photographs and visuals are perfect. Elana, Nancy and Lorie did a fantastic job too. I serve on the board of Super Body, Super Brain. I have to agree with you, Keith. It is always a pleasure to work with Michael Gonzalez-Wallace. He is terrific and speaks highly of all your work. Thank you for sharing this behind-the-scenes glimpse. It’s a great book.

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