Best In Show

This past August I was on assignment for Animal Planet photographing champion dog breeds.  While many of the 146 dog breeds we photographed were unique, like the Pharaoh Hound, Puli, and Xolo, there were a few that completely fascinated me.  Take the Pekingese, for example.  Not big, nor fast (actually very slow) with long hair and big eyes – but it had something everyone loved.  And for that, it won best of show.

At the Westminster Dog Show this past week, Malachy was one of the many dogs entered.  When you’re up against a Dalmatian, a Doberman and Irish Setter in the final judging I doubt many gave him a chance.  But he prevailed!  Congratulations to Malachy and owners David Fitzpatrick and Iris Love.

Below is one of the many photographs taken of Malachy in August.   To see more dog breed photographs from the shoot go to previous posts here and visit my web site.

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