After The Storm

Panoramic of 7th Avenue

Power was finally turned on early this morning in SoHo at 4:40am.  This was not soon enough for many in Manhattan and my heart and thoughts go out to those who are still without power.  I have to say, this past week has been quite an adventure.  Waking up early, walking two miles to get internet and cell phone service and eating at a different restaurant each day was truly an experience I will always remember.  Thanks for all my friends who offered their homes to Kate and me – we very much appreciate all the emails we received from them.  Finally, I would like to thank LikeableMedia who opened their office space to us so that we could recharge our electronics and use the internet.  That was a lifesaver.  Especially since I had to organize photo shoot in Atlanta and DC this coming week.  One of the most eerie experiences from this past week was walking home from midtown and seeing the transition from a city full of light to one cast in complete darkness.  It was very “cool” to experience, but hopefully something I won’t see for a very long time.  Here are some images from the week.

Washington Square Park and the Empire State Building
Policeman at the Flatiron Building

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