31 thoughts on “The Redhead Project

  1. Good Day,
    I am a mother of a little spitfire ginger!! He is 11 years old and beats to the tune of his own drum. His uniqueness is something as his mother still questions. I have been stopped ans asked if his hair color is real? If he is related to Ron Howard because he looked like Opie when younger and if he is a decendant of rhe Royal family because he has striking resemblances to Prince Harry?
    We live in Las Vegas, NV and would love to be part of your redhead project. Please let me know if you will be in our area?

    Much Appreciation,
    Jienna Looney

  2. My daughter is a redhead with blue eyes & will be 13 in May. Any chance you’re coming out to the Las Vegas area?

  3. Keith,

    I have two teenage redheads, one more auburn, tans and brown eyes the other strawberry blonde curls, blue eyes and only burns. Crazy the difference one is in Charlotte the other is in Tampa. They are very proud of their red hair.

  4. I have red hair and blue eyes, both my sister and brother do too! It would be so fun to be part of your project. Any plans to be in Texas or Arkansas?!?

  5. Hi love this project. I am a Redhead Great Grandmother live in Dallas. My two girls did not have red hair. Nor did my Grand children. 2 Great Grands first one a girl nope not red hair then Bam a Great Grandson with beautiful red hair. Loving it. Growing up I didn’t like my hair to much lots of teasing. As an adult I have learned to love it. I’m 67 and just now getting a few greys. I want my Great Grandson to always know he is so Special and unique. He’s adorable. Thanks would love to be a part of your project. Beautiful Pictures you took enjoyed everyone of them.

  6. Have you been to Texas? I have a 10 year old curly haired red head. She is witty, creative, has an old soul and so much fun to be around! I would love to see how you could capture her ginger personality.

  7. Do you ever come to Texas? I have the most beautiful red headed daughter! She is almost 3 and has almost orange hair!

  8. Love your photographs! My husband, spn, and daughter are all redheads if you ever come to the Kansas City, Missouri area!

  9. May I be included in your Redhead Project, next time you’re in Arizona?
    Thank you for your time!
    Michelle Wadlow-Ayers

  10. If you are coming to Arizona anytime this year, I would love for my 15 year old daughter to be included in your project. She would fit right in with her beautiful long red hair and your quirky attitude.

  11. I am a 20 year old natural redhead with an eye that is two different colors. I ride horses all the time and I love music. I like many other things that make people question who I am. I would love to be a part of your project. Is there any chance that you will be in the Phoenix, Arizona area? The weather is beautiful here.

    Thank you,
    Michaela Bustos

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