The Redhead Project Goes South

The Redhead Project is heading South.  We start this weekend with a two-day shoot in Savannah then travel to Vero Beach, FL for a three days of redheads.  From there we’re off to Atlanta, Charlotte, DC and Philadelphia.  Look for behind-the-scene shots on Instagram – @projectredhead and @keithbarraclough

The Redhead Project
Portrait of Tiffany for The Redhead Project


11 thoughts on “The Redhead Project Goes South

    1. I have 2 natural redheads. Avery, 15 and Tyler, 10. Will you be back in the Charlotte area anytime soon? Thanks!

  1. Mother, daughter, granddaughter all redheads! Southeast Texas! Brother, sister and great nephew redheads as well!

  2. My husband and I both had red hair (he not so much anymore) we have three red headed kids, now young adults. Our oldest is in Philly the rest of us are in Texas. If your looking for an entire family… here we are.

  3. i’m in Houston too! Born & raised here. I am a natural redhead and will be 66 in March and don’t dye my hair. My 34 yr old son is also a redhead though he shaves his head but his beard is red.

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