The Redhead Project Goes Viral

The Redhead Project Goes Viral


The Redhead Project has gone viral!  We recently had the honor of being interviewed by NBC Charlotte about The Redhead Project.  As big thank you to Andie Judson, digital producer at WCNC-TV in Charlotte, for stopping by the studio to interview and video us during the photo shoot.

The video (link below) has been viewed on WCNC-TV’s Facebook page over 847,000 times and was picked up by NBC, ABC and CBS affiliate stations around the country.

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The social video on WCNC’s Facebook page:

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San Antonio:

New Orleans:


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Little Rock:


Backstage at Fashion Week

It’s Fashion Week in NYC and this past weekend I was backstage at Cynthia Rowley’s show at the Lincoln Center.  As with most events, backstage is where all the fun is.  There’s lots of models, stylists, and many, many people with cameras – both still and video.  What struck me the most though was how well the models could isolate themselves mentally from all of the chaos around them.  With stylists pulling on their hair, heavy make up being applied around the eyes and photographers shoving cameras in their faces it’s amazing they keep as sane as they seem.  They all took it in stride eating a small sandwich (yes models do eat), talking and texting on their phones (yes while getting their hair done) or or getting away from it all by hiding behind the curtains.  It was quite amazing to see how all of this was put together.  Three hours of prep for a ten minute show.  It all looks so easy when you see it from the stage.  Here’s a few backstage outtakes.