29 thoughts on “Get in Touch

    1. Nicola
      We would love to meet and photograph a fellow Barraclough. I might be heading to the UK in Sept 2017. If you’re on Instagram follow us at @projectredhead or on Facebook under The Redhead Project and Keith Barraclough Photography.

  1. I love your redhead project. Two of my children are redheads and the third is strawberry blonde. They have been teased about it and I think it is wonderful that you celebrate them for being different!! 💕

  2. I’d love to participate if you’re ever back near Raleigh, NC! Three of my siblings and I have bright red hair.

  3. Have you been to the southwest/ca for your redheads. I’m almost 60 but the red is still very bright and is now being joined by some very white streaks (all natural).

    Kathleen Biel

  4. Hello Keith, my sister and I are redheads with some curly hair. Both of our parents used to be redheads, so it was inevitable. Needless to say we could not be more thankful for our natural red hair! If you’re ever in Washington State (Tacoma area). We’d love to participate!!

  5. Are you coming near Virginia Beach, VA? I love this redhead project. I am 41 years old with red hair and blue eyes, total natural. I would love to be involved and photographed. I just retired from the Navy and this would be awesome!

  6. Keith, I love your redhead project. Growing up with vibrant red hair and a personality to match. I always felt uncomfortable and awkward with my red hair and pale skin. I longed to have pale blond hair and a sun tan to match. Walking around supermarkets as a child I felt invisible as a person because no one could see past my red hair. It was a constant source of attention. Strangers would come from aisles away to touch my hair and remark to my parents how lovely they though my hair was. I remember wanting so badly to hear just one person say how lovely they thought my face/ I was. Once I became an adult I understood how few natural red heads there were in the world. I was able to see the exotic beauty that redheads have. I am now proud to be a redhead. Your pictures capture the unique beauty that redheads possess.

    1. Michelle – Thank you so much for you nice note!! You are certainly not alone. I have heard similar comments from other redheads we have photographed. What I love about this project is bringing out each of the redhead’s true personality – showing that they more to offer than their red hair.

  7. Please let me know when you will be around San Antonio texas. My 16 year old daughter is a redhead.

  8. Love you photography!! If you are ever in Colorado I would love to be a part of your project! I was born with bright red hair and I love it!

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