Puppy Bowl XII

Once again this year I had the pleasure of working with Animal Planet to take the official puppy portraits for this year’s Puppy Bowl XII.  The photo shoot itself is a sport— an exuberant Olympic games in its own right.
Here are some unofficial “game” day stats: 11 hours, 80 puppies, 4080 images and innumerable instances of human cajoling  involving silly faces, shrill noises and squeaky toys.

Visit Animal Planet’s Official Puppy Bowl site for more photos of the starting line up and puppy profile videos.

Puppy Bowl XIIPuppy Bowl XIIPuppy Bowl XII

QSpex in NYC

I recently had the pleasure of working with Atlanta advertising agency Aumcore on a QSpex billboard and transit ad campaign.  One day of scouting, three days shooting and a lot of walking.  It was a great way to see the city.  Many thanks to Antonio Casas (creative director) and Bidisha Mishra (producer) for a wonderful shoot.

QSPex ad campaign

QSPex ad campaign

QSPex ad campaign

Behind the Scenes with Stephen Curry

In celebration of the Golden State Warriors big win last night I thought I’d share some behind-the-scene images from a recent shoot in Oakland, CA for TeachersCount with Stephen Curry and Chad Fair, his high school drama teacher.  Also photographed with stylist Rita Tonga.  It was a very fun shoot!.

Outtake during TeachersCount photo shoot

Portrait of Stephen Curry with Rita Tongco