Animal Planet’s TANKED Series

A few weeks ago I posted some behind-the-scenes images from my poster campaign shoot with the cast of TANKED, and a great crew comprising  creative director and Animal Planet staff member Linas  Virbickas; Ken Proto, my assistant; and Natasha Chamberlin, stylist. I thought I’d share the poster being used to advertise the show. I’ve seen the trailer for the first episode, set to premiere this Friday at 9 p.m., and it is very entertaining.

Day 5 – Animal Planet

The final day of shooting.  We came close to our goal of photographing all the breeds in five days: 140 out of 165.  Among my favorites are the following images that capture the dogs’ personalities.  Just by looking at their expressive eyes, you can tell how they felt about be photographed and treated like celebrities.  I thought I would share a few of the outtakes.

Day 3 – Animal Planet

Day 3:  What I learned today…
One:  I’ve learned to love the simplicity and character of a dog’s profile.
Two:  Owners of prize-winning show dogs can be very obsessive.  I don’t blame them really.  Especially given how much time and money (tens of thousands of dollars in some cases) they have invested.
Three:  How can dogs see with all that hair in their eyes?  Quite easily, I’m told.  The hair is mature’s strategic dust buster.
Four:  Dogs that look alike aren’t necessarily from the same breed.  Some of these dogs look so similar I’m starting to loose track of what I’ve shot and what I haven’t.
Five:  It was comical how many times we overheard owners and handlers use the word “bitch”, which was incorporated into every sentence.  Some examples: “How’s your bitch doing today?”  “That’s a might fine bitch you have there.”  “Which bitch are you showing today?”  And my favorite, “Look, we’re teasing him with the bitch!”

Here are few of my favorites from today’s shoot.  100 down, 64 more to go.