CAPTURE with Mark Seliger

Another amazing interview in the CAPTURE series.
Designer Steven Alan and award-winning photographer Peter Yang sit down with Mark Seliger to discuss photography.  Peter talks about his experiences photographing Barack Obama, Daft Punk, Iggy Pop, Danny Boyle, Jimmy Fallon and other luminaries, while Steven Alan talks about his experiences with photography and fashion.


Capture is a video series that has been on the Reserve Channel for about six months.  It is so good I thought I’d share it here.  Produced by photographer Mark Seliger, Capture brings together photographers to discuss how they created their iconic images and how those images have transformed the way we see and interact with the world.  For anyone interested in photography – behind or in front of the camera or just like looking at photos – this series will inspire you.

Click on the image to see Capture with Mark Seliger.