Puppy Bowl IX

Animal Planet dubs it “the biggest game on all fours”,  involving 75 puppies, 21 kittens, nine hedgehogs, and dozens of crew members and volunteers.  That’s just a small glimpse into what it took to produce and shoot Puppy Bowl IX – airing this Sunday at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet.  During the two-day filming in November, my assistant Adele Godfrey and I took portraits and shot the production stills of this year’s game.

Click HERE for some behind-the-scene photos from The Washington Post.
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For the complete coverage and some images from past events visit Animal Planet’s web site HERE

Photo by Beth Caldwell / Animal Planet/DCL
Photo by Beth Caldwell / Animal Planet/DCL

With Jackson Galaxy

Take one very charismatic, camera-friendly reality star, stir in the tourist melting pot that is Times Square, and you’ve created the perfect cocktail for fan recognition.  Not only did Jackson graciously pose for photos with fans, he accepted an unexpected role from this woman, who was evidently not impressed by me or my camera (and apparently unaware of his star status): impromptu photographer.

On location with Jackson Galaxy, the host of Animal Planet’s reality series “My Cat from Hell”.

Photos by my wonderful assistant Adele Godfrey

Tanked! – Animal Planet’s New Reality Series

Last week I spent some time in Las Vegas shooting the poster campaign for Animal Planet’s new reality series called “Tanked!”.  We shot on location at Acrylic Aquariums where the show is based.  I haven’t seen any of the pilots (show is due to air on August 19th), but seeing how the three lead characters interact I am sure this is going to be a great (and very funny) series.  If you like the Pawn Shop series on the History Channel you will love Tanked!  Here are some outtakes showing the set up of the shoot.  I’ll show the finished shot(s) in a few weeks.

First test shot of my assistant Ken "in" in the tank