Portraits for Allergic Living Magazine

Portraits for Allergic Living Magazine

I personally don’t have allergies, but I find it inspirational when I meet someone who refuses to let food allergies hold them back.  Meet Cara Kelly an 11 year old who, despite being allergic to peanuts, tree nuts. sesame and soy, lives her life to the fullest.  Karate has been a huge part of this by teaching her resilience and showing her that she can indeed travel in spite of her food allergies.  To prove this she traveled to South Carolina and won two gold medals at the USA National Karate Championship and Team Trials.
These photos were taken for Allergic Living at her dojo, the Ultimate Martial Arts and Fitness center in Lynbrook, NY.



Blogs Being Editorial

I have always thought that a blog should be more than just a tool for self-promotion.   This was reinforced this past week in interviews of art buyers, reps and photographers I filmed for a project sponsored by Agency Access and created by Amanda Sosa Stone, Suzanne Sease and Jennifer Kilberg.  When asked about the importance of social networking as a means for photographers to market themselves, each said it is extremely important for photographers to have a blog and be associated with twitter and Facebook.  In particular, most said they’d like to see more editorial content in blogs.  It is informative — not just for our own growth as photographers, but also for the creatives who hire us — to explore how our experiences and view of the world inform our work.