Photographer at Work

© 1956 Edward Pfizenmaier
© 1956 Edward Pfizenmaier

Rarely do we get the chance to see images of the photographer at work.  Le Journal de la Photographie recently added a series of photographs taken by Edward Pfizenmaier in 1956 of Cecil Beaton during his photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe at the Hotel Ambassador in NYC.  It’s a great behind-the-scene look at how photographers worked well before the digital age.  No computers, no strobes – just the photographer and his subject.  Click on the image above to see the series.

Back To My Roots

I’m slowly starting to shoot B&W film again – getting back to where it all started.  I have a Mamiya C220 just waiting to be held, but have resisted because of the cost factor in getting it all developed, printed, scanned, etc…   A few photographer friends suggested sending the film to Richard Photo Lab in California.  If you’re itching to get back into shooting film I highly recommend using them.   You ship the film (35, 120 or sheet), they return the negatives with contact sheets and a digital scan of each negative.  All for about $20.  Here are a few recent B&Ws – shot on location at Fanelli Cafe in SoHo, NYC.

Art & Copy

If you love good advertising then you really need to see “Art & Copy”, one of the many films from Independent Lens, an Emmy Award-winning series which airs weekly on PBS.  Art & Copy is a film which reveals the insight and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time – pioneers like George Lois, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow and Hal Riney (to name a few).  I’m sure many of you have never heard their names, but if you’ve heard      “I Want My MTV”, “Where’s The Beef”, “Just Do It”, “Got Milk” and “Think Different” then you’ve heard and seen what they do.

"Where's The Beef"











If you like “Mad Men”, you’ll love this film!!
Check it out on PBS or you can download it on iTunes.

Speaking at the Apple Store

I, along with William Vazquez, have been asked to present our work at the Apple Store in SoHo, NYC.   The program is part of Apple’s Image Makers Lecture Series and sponsored by Kodak.  The title is “Not Standin’ Still… Photographers who use video and blogs to get more work”.   I will be will showing work from past assignments along with more recent personal work and videos and discussing the process I use of marketing to clients through this blog and the video/films I have produced.

Here’s more info:
APA|NY Image Makers Lecture Series:   “Not Standin’ Still… Photographers who use Video and Blogs to get more work”.
Day and time: Wednesday, October 13, 6:30-8 p.m.
Place: SoHo Apple Theater, 103 Prince St (between Mercer and Greene).

Admission: Free (seating is limited)
*No advance registration is required

After the presentation we will all be heading out for drinks.  So stop by.  Would love to see you all.


Photo by Keith Barraclough



Photo by William Vazquez