Portraits for Allergic Living Magazine

Portraits for Allergic Living Magazine

I personally don’t have allergies, but I find it inspirational when I meet someone who refuses to let food allergies hold them back.  Meet Cara Kelly an 11 year old who, despite being allergic to peanuts, tree nuts. sesame and soy, lives her life to the fullest.  Karate has been a huge part of this by teaching her resilience and showing her that she can indeed travel in spite of her food allergies.  To prove this she traveled to South Carolina and won two gold medals at the USA National Karate Championship and Team Trials.
These photos were taken for Allergic Living at her dojo, the Ultimate Martial Arts and Fitness center in Lynbrook, NY.



Having Genius

It’s a new year so I wanted to start it off with a little inspiration..  “Eat, Pray, Love” was on TV this past weekend.  It was cold outside and didn’t want to sit in front of my computer, so I watch the movie.  Good movie all in all, but it reminded me of Liz Gilbert’s talk on TED back in 2009.  It’s a wonderful piece about finding your elusive creative genius and the idea that, instead of the rare person being a genius, all of us have a genius.

Another bit of inspiration, out today in the New York Times Magazine titled “Be Wrong as Fast as You Can”, is about the value of your best idea.  It’s a very humorous and well written article by the magazine’s editor, Hugo Lindgren.  How many times have we all banged our head, thinking our ideas are “dumb” and are not going to get us anywhere.  Or remember that “million dollar idea” that will get you rich, but you never followed up on.  Read the article HERE and you will find you are not alone.