The Photo Book Club

My wife and I are trying to come up with interesting ways for photographers and creatives to get together.  After seeing Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen film) we thought, “we can do that”.  Obviously it’s not as easy as it seems, but there has to be a way to get people together that doesn’t include a bar or restaurant.  In Paris, some photographers have gotten together to create the Paris Photo Book Club (read about it Here).  They are informal two-hour meetings that allow photographers, publishers, gallerists, curators, critics and photo fans to get together and discuss everything from the latest happenings in the world of photo books to classics of the 20th century.  I would love to have small informal gatherings where people show their latest personal work.  I have the space – now all I need is interesting people to fill it.   If anyone is interested let me know.  For more info on the Paris Photo Book Club visit their blog –  It’s in French, but you can get a lot of ideas about great photo books to read.