Of Particular Interest

I found these two stories and thought you would love to see them.  The first story shows how the arts can bring people out from a less than perfect situation and help them express themselves.  And many states are cutting the arts in high school – go figure.  It’s a story from today’s NY Times about photographers who have lost one or more of their senses (sight, hearing, etc..) or a limb(s).  They are amazing photos!!  You can find the latest story, called “Stairways as Mountains” here.  It’s part of an ongoing series about the city imagined by those New Yorkers without certain senses.











On a completely different note, this is from Corinne Vionnet called Photo Opportunities – Read the story here.  It is absolutely amazing (but shouldn’t be) how many people take photos of famous tourist attractions from the same vantage point.  The site has photographs that are layers of 100 photos of similar “photo souvenirs”.  I think they look fantastic.  Here’s a “photo” of the Eiffel Tower.

Random Friday

Since it’s Friday, I thought I would share some random things I found this week.  First I’ll start with something very strange.  I found this on the NPR blog called Picture Show.  Would you do this?  Read the story Here and go to see the exhibit at the Arab Museum of Modern Art





















Here is a very interesting exhibit at ICP here in New York.  What an amazing find.  Can’t wait to see the images.



Finally, I found this in our kitchen.  I love patterns and find this mesmerizing.  It’s an old recipe transferred to fax paper.  The mix of stains, type and notes really make this a beautiful piece of art.

Speaking at the Apple Store

I, along with William Vazquez, have been asked to present our work at the Apple Store in SoHo, NYC.   The program is part of Apple’s Image Makers Lecture Series and sponsored by Kodak.  The title is “Not Standin’ Still… Photographers who use video and blogs to get more work”.   I will be will showing work from past assignments along with more recent personal work and videos and discussing the process I use of marketing to clients through this blog and the video/films I have produced.

Here’s more info:
APA|NY Image Makers Lecture Series:   “Not Standin’ Still… Photographers who use Video and Blogs to get more work”.
Day and time: Wednesday, October 13, 6:30-8 p.m.
Place: SoHo Apple Theater, 103 Prince St (between Mercer and Greene).

Admission: Free (seating is limited)
*No advance registration is required

After the presentation we will all be heading out for drinks.  So stop by.  Would love to see you all.


Photo by Keith Barraclough



Photo by William Vazquez