On assignment at Juilliard.  With my lack of dancing skills, I thought I would never have a chance to walk through the doors of Juilliard.  Give me a soccer ball and I can “dance” along with almost anyone, but put me in a large room with nothing at my feet and I’m completely useless.  Thank goodness I had a camera.  The on-going assignment is to cover the Rite of Time practice sessions.  These images are from the first practice where the entire company was present.  The energy and concentration of the students was quite amazing (practice was from 2-6pm) and if you know anything of Igor Stravinski’s revolutionary composition, “Rite of Spring”, how the director, Matt Tosca, can keep all the music and dance moves in his head dumbfounds me.

Director Matt Tosca works with students from Juilliard

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