With CC Sabathia

Another photo shoot with TeachersCount.  This time with pitching great CC Sabathia.  Standing next to him you really get a sense of how intimidating he must be when pitching.  Off the mound though he’s a giant teddy bear; quiet, loves to laugh and very giving of his time.  His mentor is Abe Hobbs, CC’s PE teacher in middle school.  They’ve kept in touch over the years and now work together at baseball camps in California.  Abe’s family came along (kids are big Yankee fans) and we had some time to take photos before CC arrived.  Getting people on set who are not use to being photographed is a lot of fun.  Usually shy at first, but give them a minute, show them what you’ve shot and boy do they open up.  Here are a few outtakes from the shoot.

CC with the Hobbs family / CC with his mentor Abe Hobbs

Hamming it up before CC arrives
Two wonderful assistants, Rita Tongco (stylist) and Ellis Au (assistant)


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