Seeing Red in Savannah

Had a great two-day photo shoot with 14 Savannah redheads.  Many laughs and a lot of props – pickles, cotton candy, swords, Rescue Randy, pointe shoes, snow, to name a few.  Take a look at some behind-the-scenes images on @ProjectRedhead.  We’ll be posting more images both here and on social media soon.

The Redhead Project

The Redhead Project

8 thoughts on “Seeing Red in Savannah

  1. Read about your redhead project, have you been to Texas yet? Let’s do a fun shoot on the rivers here in New Braunfels this summer?

  2. You should really come to Dayton, Ohio. It’s in Montgomery County and we seem to have a rather large percentage of redheads. Personally, including myself, there are 4 in my family, I graduated with 2 other redheads, and have run across countless others.
    Please contact me if you decide to visit. 😊

  3. Got 3 red heads in middle Georgia. Myself and 2 of my children. My children are 3rd generation red haired blue eyed.

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